A long haul flight with kids; what were we thinking?

Travelling has been in my blood since I was 17. A fresh faced and innocent kid jumping on a plane for a life changing trip back in 2000. I’d just finished school, had a pile of book smarts and nothing much else and ventured away for a year travelling around the UK and Europe.

A full 17 years later, Angie and I ventured off again to the UK, this time with two kids in tow. And in the words of the great man Ron Burgandy, an hour into the flight ‘I immediately regretted the decision’. What were we thinking? 14 hours stuck on a plane with a 3 year old and a 10 year old. Our 10 year old is great. A seasoned traveller herself, she gets on the plane, keeps herself happy and is no drama at all. The 3 year old – exact opposite end of the scale

IMG_4991He’s a boy. He loves to talk loudly, run around, make a mess and push every single button in front of him over and over again. And so he did. For the next 14 hours. Then a 2 hour stop over. Then another 9 hours.

But now the nightmares are over, and a week ago we settled into a new house in Edinburgh that we’ll call home for the next 3 months. A beautiful part of the world, and one that I have so many fond memories of from my time here in 2000. A town rich in culture and history. A town that we look forward to exploring further in the coming months.

As for Jack, our 3 year old, well his jet lag is over – thankfully. That was the worst part. I’ve travelled a lot, and I’ve always managed to beat jet lag pretty quickly. My biggest issue when travelling is being 6’2, not many plane seats are built to accommodate me. This time, the issue was the 3am wake ups with our boy full of energy. And thanks to Edinburgh’s early sunrise and eternal twilights, the sun was up, so why weren’t we?

Thankfully, we tag teamed and day by day got him into a pattern. Now we’re here and we’re happy, but the lingering thought of a return leg hangs over me. Hopefully by August technology will have advanced and we’ll have teleportation devices by then. I’ll happily volunteer us as test subjects for that one…..

Andrew Logan

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