Rainy Scottish weather = childhood reminiscing.

After only just recovering from a 40hour transit with 2 young kids, I’ll be very open with my love of the iPad. I don’t think we could have survived the trip without them. iPads, battery power pods and USB chargers on flights. Honestly, how did we survive all those years ago? My first long haul flight I remember having to talk to the person next to me. Like a weirdo.

FullSizeRender-2But after a few weeks of false advertising and some actual warm weather, sure enough, the Scottish weather we all knew was coming is here. And it’s settled in for the Summer by the looks. Days and days of wind, rain and cold. Miserable weather that can only be solved by slippers and a fireplace.

But thanks to a ye olde time toy shoppe down the road, we’ve been able to solve the rainy weather blues with the kids, as well as re-living our childhood. The toy store has a stack of travel sized old school board games; Guess Who, Monopoly, Cluedo. Man if they had Battleships I’d never leave the house again.

The greatest thing, is that the iPads have gone away. The kids are loving getting around a mini board game again. ‘Colonel Mustard with the Rope in the Study’, accusations going everywhere, ‘Do you have Glasses?’, ‘No’, ‘Are you Eric?’ deductions. Outside of the inevitable argument over who gets to be the Dog on Monopoly, everyone is happy again.

We even ventured out the other day during a small break in the weather to a Ten Pin Bowling place of all places. I didn’t even know they still existed – and one’s just down the road from us. Granted, this place probably hasn’t had a hygiene check or technological upgrade since I was 7, but therein lay the charm. Watching Jack’s delight as he pushes ball after ball down the gutter (never mind we’re paying $2 per bowl or something) made up for any weather concerns.

At night time, Oce is in bed reading Enid Blyton to Jack under the covers, the muffled stories of meddling kids solving mysteries coming through to our bedroom. Angie and I drift slowly off while the kids stay up by the lamps glow lost in the adventures. Tangent – surely someone noticed these kids missing for days on end? Imagine if she wrote those books now – talk about irresponsible parents. Then again, those Dursley’s hardly cared too much about Harry’s whereabouts and no outspoken parents groups seemed to care. But I digress.

It’s been a wet week, a cold week, a miserable week. But it’s not like we came to Scotland to get a sun tan. If I wanted to hang around British people and get a suntan, I’d go to Ibiza. The important thing is that the kids have been happy. And the fact that Angie and I could do that whilst re-living our own childhood has been even better.

To your health.


Holidays are a great excuse to indulge, but not blow out.

I love to travel. I love to stay fit and healthy. And for so many, it’s essentially a dichotomy. You can have one, but not the other. For me, no two things go hand in hand more than exercise and travel, except maybe football and nachos.


I’ve spent a lot of the past 15 years travelling. From a fresh faced teenager straight out of school, to a professional travelling with teams, to now a global speaker and business owner. Along the way, the one constant was always that exercise was the greatest way to meet locals.

With the proliferation of healthy lifestyle all over the world, you can’t walk far without finding a gym these days. Most hotels will have basic (and free) gyms, but there will easily be something bigger down the road. A lot will give you a free trial. Personally I love CrossFit, and a freebie for a drop in, or trading a t-shirt from my home box (gym) for a free session is common practice.

Once you’re there, you can meet so many locals, find out the must see places, learn of the best restaurants, the secret gems that only locals know about. Local knowledge is the difference between seeing a place and experiencing a place. All it takes is a simple hello to the person next to you. Chances are your accent will immediately spark a conversation.

With a morning session at the gym / box complete, the blood is pumping, your energy is up and jet lag can be defeated swiftly. Even better, with a good strong session in the morning, you’ve given yourself some extra wiggle room to enjoy the indulgences and bigger meals that come with travel. What good is travelling if you’re not going to experience the food. With a sharp session each morning you can enjoy the food, and maintain without the gain.

Maps and apps in the modern world can bring any gym to your attention. Set your body up Day 1 of a trip by getting up early and getting into some weights. Meet the locals, find out some secrets and justify that glass of wine and desert come dinner time.



Andrew Logan